Friday, March 23, 2007

WOW!!! A month since my last blog

Sorry guys! Not much has been going on with us so I have not blogged in a month. We are just staying busy working - Dillards, Blue Cross and Premier!

I am loving the warmer weather, the longer hours of daylight, everything is looking green again! Spring is one of my favorite times of the year! However, it is not one of John's favorite times due to his allergies. He went back to the doctor yesterday because he has a sinus infection. So bad seasonal allergies on top of a sinus infection...caused me to sleep on the couch two nights this week because even laying on his side would not stop the SNORING!!!

Speaking of allergies, Gus is apparently allergic to something outside. Because on Tuesday of this week, I came home and Gus had been out to go potty and after he came back in I noticed that he was getting these red bumps on his belly (kinda looked like hives) and bumps all over his legs and sides that caused the hair to stand out. So, I made a trip to my Wal-Mart Pharmacy to pick up John's allergy meds and get Children's Benedryl for Gus....I'm surrounded by allergy sufferers! I gave him a tablet and he seemed to be a little better. Then after I took him out that night, he reacted another Benedryl tablet. The next morning he looked good to me but John said he had bumps on him when John left for work...of course, he didn't think it looked that bad so he did not medicate Gus. I came home from work, took Gus out and 2 minutes after we got back in he was covered and way worse than the day before. Well I had done my research on dog weights and Benedryl I gave him the correct dosage of 2 children's tablets and called the vet. We went in for an allergy shot which cost $15.23, and she did not charge me an office visit...not sure how much that would have added to the cost! The shot worked and should last for 4 weeks. I am praying whatever he is allergic to is gone in 4 weeks. If not and I have to continue the allergy shots, I am going to need to add him to my health insurance so that I can get these costs reimbursed! Also, I would love to claim him as a child on my taxes!

Sorry to be so long-winded, but that is what has happened for us this week. I hope that all of our friends and family are enjoying warm spring weather and are not suffering too bad with allergies!