Thursday, February 7, 2008

PrimeTime Dance Competition

This past weekend Camryn had another dance competition. This one was spread out a little more.
Friday Night - Solo "I'm Cute" - 1st Place award - Here are the pictures captured by the local newspaper photographer that covered the event on Friday night. She nailed this performance. She did not have any nervousness and she did great! The judges comments were very complementary and gave her some technical pointers to work on.

Saturday - Trio "Chocolatte" - 1st Place award - Good critques from the judges. One judge said “Ms. Blue is getting with it..she really knows this dance…y’all need to stick with her” then later when Cam moves up he said “Ahhhh, putting Ms. Blue in front”.

Sunday -
"Chapel of Love" - Large Group Tap - 1st Place award and #4 out of the Top 5 for Petite Large Group
"Ice Ice Baby" - Large Group Hip-Hop - 1st Place award and #2 out fo the Top 5 for Petite Large Group

Here are a few pictures of Camryn in her Ice Ice Baby costume.

Another competition in St Louis in 3 weeks. I will not be attending but if there are pictures, I'll post them here on the blog.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Life Trumps Choice

This is an issue that is very highly debated. I found this link to BlogHer site from Rocks In My Dryer (another blog I check daily). Wow! Shannon does a great job stating why she is Pro-Life.
Check it out!