Friday, February 26, 2010

Top 24 - Guy's Night and Results Show

Since I was a day late watching the boys on AI...I'll just go with overall impression...

Not impressed with the guys either. It is hard to believe going from Hollywood week to live can cause that much of a difference in their voices. There were a few that you could tell could sing well but were just nervous. I'm hoping for a much better AI week vocally next week.

Results Show

Janell Wheeler - I wasn't really shocked by this one...I think her choice of song did her in.

Ashley Rodriguez - Pretty shocked by this one. She was really good in auditions and Hollywood and there were others that I felt needed to go.

Joe Munoz - WHAT??? He was one of the guys I thought did NOT seem nervous and had a decent voice. Even Tim knew America got that one wrong.

Tyler Grady - YEAH! Poor kid needs to figure who he is as a singer if he wants to continue in this profession...otherwise...he needs to just do impersonations.

Here's to hoping a lot of the nerves are over and we have a better week next week on Idol!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Girls Night - AI Top 24

Just a few thoughts on American Idol...

I LOVE having Ellen on the show!!

Kara - WOW!! She is no longer the 4th judge anymore...she seems to have let this judge thing go to her head. She is annoying to me this season.

For all the hype of how strong the girls are this year...I was underwhelmed to say the least. I'm not sure why most girls just impersonate the singers versus just being themselves. Maybe it was nerves...heck, I know I would be nervous as all get out...but the girls were quite shaky tonight.

Looking forward to the guys tonight---Go Andrew Garcia!