Monday, January 14, 2008

Showbiz Dance Competition

This is Camryn's second year to dance as a Company Dancer at Ms. Karen's Dance Studio. This year she is in two large group numbers, a trio and a solo. Here are some pictures of the little dancer from the competition this weekend.

Trio "Chocolatte" - the girls (Addie Gracie in lime; Tess in hot pink; Camryn in tourquoise) won a 1st place trophy and were 7th overall of their age group in duets/trios.
Large Group - "Chapel of Love"

"Ice Ice Baby" - No photos available. I'm not sure why we didn't get a picture of her in that outfit, because it is the cutest of all! Oh well, she has another competition in 3 weeks and I'll try to get a picture then.

Solo - "I'm Cute" - 1st Place trophy
I call this "Dance Competition Wipeout" - What happens after spending 13 hours at a dance competition on Saturday (including dancing 3 numbers), not getting but about 5-6 hours of sleep, getting up and dancing a solo for the first time on Sunday morning:

Her entourage (Momma, Nana, Pawpaw, Aunt Alison and Uncle John) felt like this but most of us had to drive home!

Birthday Party Pictures

Camryn at school on her birthday!

Camryn had her birthday party last Thursday at a Pizza place in town. She had several friends come and they had a good time eating pizza and cake.

Friday, January 11, 2008

My Neice Turned 6

Well this past week my neice turned 6 years old. It is so hard to believe! We had a birthday party for her last night at a pizza place. There were about 10 of her friends there and they all had a good time eating pizza and cake, watching Camryn open her gifts and then playing a few arcade games.
This weekend our family is headed to Hot Springs to watch Camryn in her 1st dance competition of this year. She is in two large group numbers (tap - "Going to the Chapel" and hip-hop "Ice, Ice Baby"), a trio and a solo. I'll post pictures early next week!

Enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

New Home Owner

For a while now, my sister has been wanting to buy a house. However, her ex-husband basically screwed her credit up really good, so she thought buying a house was out of the question. She decided before Thanksgiving to really start looking into this next step in her life. She found a cute little house and then got approved for a home loan! She was excited.

I will get my hands on the before pictures of this house so you will be able to appreciate the updates. Beginning December 17th, we started painting and making some needed updates to her house. I went over last night and took pictures. She is just about all unpacked and settled. She is wanting to buy a bedroom suite for herself and then she will re-do her master bedroom and 1/2 bath. For now, everything else is pretty much complete.

When you see these pictures of her kitchen, think back about 12 years ago when jewel tones, fruit and plaid wallpaper were in. This kitchen had plaid marroon and cream wallpaper on the bottom part of the wall, fruit/vine wallpaper on the top part and HUNTER GREEN cabinets with cream and marron valances above the green cabinets. HIDEOUS!!! Check it out now:
The Living room had white walls and two of the wall had paneling that didn't even go all the way to the ceiling. So with some paint and a little crown molding - Viloa! A modern looking Living room:
Camryn's Room - This room is SO Camryn. Bright and girly!
Computer/Reading/TV Room (a.k.a. - the Safari Room)
Bathroom - This is not complete, but it is painted the color Andrea wanted. She is going to have brown and slate blue in this bathroom. She bought some tile for this bathroom as well. So as soon as that gets put in, I'll take more photos.
I'll go by sometime when it is light outside so that you can see the outside of the house. Andrea and Camryn are really excited to be in their own little house. I am so proud of her!

New Year's Eve

Well there have only been a few New Year's Eve's that have have not spent with the Overstreet's in the 9 years we have known each other. This year, we decided at the last minute to make sure we were together for the New Year. We had Chinesse Cashew Chicken and had Horn Toads (aka Mock Peanut Brittle) and Reindeer Poop (aka Almost Blitzens) for dessert. This year's celebration apparently had a Cowboy theme...check out the pictures (see Our Photos link on the side for more pictures):

Promised Pictures...part 3

Christmas at Gillaspie's - At 10:00 a.m. we all gathered at Momma and Daddy's for Breakfast Casserole and to open gifts. This year we did one big gift each and stockings. Me, Andrea and John got money. (Andrea's was used for her house...picture in another post) John got his windows tinted in his new car. I got money to use to shop. Momma asked for and received a jewelry armoire. Daddy asked for and received Gander Mountain gift cards. Camryn got a nice big rolling tool chest that her Nanna personalized for her for all her dance competition stuff. This will hold everything and keep it all organized. Oh yeah...Jayce got bones!

Promised Pictures...continued

Christmas Morning (Me, John and Gus)

Promised Pictures

I promised I would post pictures. I finally got them uploaded to my Kodak Photo Site. I'll post some here and add a link to my Kodak Photo Gallery over on my sidebar links.

Kerr Christmas - Branson, MO - December 21-23
We had a great time by meeting in Branson, MO to have our Kerr Family Christmas. We rented a house that had lots of room and we were able to visit and all be together.

I'll post each set of pictures separately.