Friday, February 23, 2007

Not much going on

Just thought I would put a little update out here on our blog. We haven't had much going on this week. John is adjusting to selling furniture at Dillards. He is always giving me a lesson on quality vs comfort vs stability...and, of course, he has his eye on new furniture. Oh well...we have to save for that!
Work is going well for me. The further along I get in this job, the more work they seem to give me. It is interesting and exciting to keep learning more and more about our company and all the new things we are going to be involved in this year.
Premier is going well. Kinda slowed down a little but I have a couple of shows booked in March and several people that want to have a show later in the spring. So, if any of you that live out of town and would like to get some free and 1/2 price jewelry, consider having a catalog show. I can send you catalogs, you gather orders then you get free jewelry. I also do not mind traveling to come do a home show at your house. Plus for those of you who I haven't seen in a while, it would be fun to catch up.
I am going with my sister-in-law, Janna, to the Beth Moore Simulcast tomorrow. I believe Beth is speaking on "Get Out of that Pit". So I'm praying the Lord will be working on me and all the ladies across the country that will be attending. HE is a BIG God and still works wonders!
Until I type again...

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Well we are back

Sorry I have not posted sooner. We did get back from Dallas. I drove back on Thursday. John's plane was an hour late, but that is normal when flying out of DFW. We had a good time. I must say that I LOVE the Little Rock Airport as finding exactly where to pick John up at DFW just about caused me to "lose my religion". I would not choose to live in Dallas or it's surrounding areas. I would watch the morning news and listening to the traffic reports----YIKES! That part was not fun at all. We did ride the train to the AA center for the Dallas Mavericks NBA game on Wednesday. So that was fun. The game was ok....we were up really high and I did not get up until time to leave as I felt like I might just fall over the edge.
On Saturday, John started to not feel well...sore throat, achy, congestion, coughing your head know the symptoms that everyone has right now. He stayed home on Saturday from work to try to sleep it off. That didn't work. Sunday he was off and did not get out of bed until about 1 p.m. Monday was worse so he was "worked in" at the doctor's office. He has the beginnings of the flu or as the doctor put it "flu-like" symptoms. He prescribed a Z-pac and cough syrup and gave him a note to be off through Thursday. Rest and the meds should help. If not, come back and see the doctor again. So...he and Gus have been resting and trying to get better. He did feel ok enough to go out to eat tonight instead of fighting the crowds tomorrow for Valentine's Day. He is just taking it one day at a time and watching a lot of movies!
I am praying that I don't get this mess.

Update on "2007-the year of the teeth": I got my permanent crown put in on Monday as well as two cavities filled. I am going to get a cleaning on Tuesday the 20th and find out what other cavities need to be filled. The dentist said that I had some bad wisdom teeth that NEEDED to come out. I asked it is could wait until 2008 when my dental benefits are back in effect and he said he normally does not push people to have them out but he is afraid they will mess up the teeth in front of them. So I'm thinking that my income tax return may be going to pay for taking my wisdom teeth out. The saga continues....and the moral of the story is....GO TO THE DENTIST...DON'T NEGLECT YOUR DENTAL HEALTH!

Friday, February 2, 2007

Goin' to the Big D

...and I do mean Dallas! John found out that he will be going to furniture school classes Tuesday-Thursday of next week (Feb 6-8). Because we haven't done anything just the two of us in a while, I am going with him! That is pretty much all the excitement we have right now.

It did snow and sleet some the past two days. This morning was quite slick coming into work...what normally takes 15 minutes, took me 40 minutes. Of course our work did not put the inclement weather policy in effect today and it is much worse on the roads this morning compared to yesterday. Oh well...I made it in safely.

Keep Andrea (my sister) in your prayers as she is have a minor outpatient surgery on Monday at 11 a.m. She has not had surgery before and is a little apprehensive. Pray for calm nerves for her and a steady hand for her doctor.

Have a great weekend!