Friday, October 5, 2007

Orlando Business Trip

I was in Orlando, Florida on a business trip September 23-27. It is a great conference to go to because it is always in a nice place and they always have lots of fun things to do in the evening.

Sunday - 23rd
I left on Sunday with another girl from my company (Tina). We met the other two ladies (my former supervisor, Linda, and former co-worker, Nancy) in Orlando. That day it was raining, but we forged ahead and went to Downtown Disney and ate at the Rainforest Cafe. I now have a Disney Parks Poncho because of this trip. We shopped some until one of the ladies "needed some extra special attention" (her words the next day...not mine) by almost passing out. Until she cooled off, we shopped while she sat still while eating ice cubes.

Monday - 24th
We got up early and ate breakfast at one of the restaurants in our hotel ($18 for the buffet). Then we did some shopping at an Outlet Mall. The conference started around lunch. That evening after the classes, McKesson took us all to Universal City Walk. They closed down the upstairs section just for us. We had all kinds of foods, drinks and entertainment. Tina and I enjoyed the "dueling pianos" at Pat O'Brien's.

Tuesday - 25th
Classes all day long. However, there was a time period of about 2 hours where there were no classes that were of interest and I headed to the pool with Nancy and Tina. Then went back in for one more class. This night our account rep took a group of us to an Italian restaurant for dinner. The wait staff entertained by singing. They were EXTREMELY good singers. They sang in italian and sang a few songs from different musicals.

Wednesday - 26th
Classes in the morning and then "networking activity time". This year one of our choices was Sea World for the afternoon. Since we had a rental car, we left right after our classes and headed to Sea World. After eating lunch there, we headed to the Shamu show, but they had closed it because it was full. We didn't get to see Shamu, but we did ride the "Shamu Express" in the kiddie rides section. It was about 30 seconds of fun! Wednesday evening was the big banquet and this was the 20th year for the conference. Everything was very classy looking. They had a jazz band, acrobatic guys who did amazing things (think cirque de solei) right in front of our table. After you eat they always offer several things you can do to entertain yourself. This year you could try to pick a real diamond out of all the CZ's on the table. A jeweler would tell you if you picked it or not. You could have your picture made with your friends and they would superimpose you in front of different scenes. Tina and I decided the romatic sunset or fireworks background was not for we chose a background of the hotel. Well when it printed off...we look like GIANTS...I mean my head is in the sky. I'll have to scan that one in for your viewing pleasure. We had lots of fun with the Dancing Heads video...we have 3 DVD's of ourselves groovin' to the music. And last but not least they had "Butt Sketch Artists". You heard me right. I said if God wanted me to see that side of head would be attached the other direction. This was not something I participated in, but the line was long for this activity. I guess after a few drinks you will do just about anything!

Thursday - 27th

Breakfast and one class - then we made our way to the airport by way of Downtown Disney one more time. It was hot and humid! And the LoveBugs were mating. could hardly talk for fear you would get a set of love bugs in your mouth.

Tina and I parted ways with Nancy and Linda at the airport. Everyone made it back safely and we had a good time.