Monday, January 14, 2008

Showbiz Dance Competition

This is Camryn's second year to dance as a Company Dancer at Ms. Karen's Dance Studio. This year she is in two large group numbers, a trio and a solo. Here are some pictures of the little dancer from the competition this weekend.

Trio "Chocolatte" - the girls (Addie Gracie in lime; Tess in hot pink; Camryn in tourquoise) won a 1st place trophy and were 7th overall of their age group in duets/trios.
Large Group - "Chapel of Love"

"Ice Ice Baby" - No photos available. I'm not sure why we didn't get a picture of her in that outfit, because it is the cutest of all! Oh well, she has another competition in 3 weeks and I'll try to get a picture then.

Solo - "I'm Cute" - 1st Place trophy
I call this "Dance Competition Wipeout" - What happens after spending 13 hours at a dance competition on Saturday (including dancing 3 numbers), not getting but about 5-6 hours of sleep, getting up and dancing a solo for the first time on Sunday morning:

Her entourage (Momma, Nana, Pawpaw, Aunt Alison and Uncle John) felt like this but most of us had to drive home!


Billie said...

You GO Girl!!!

Joanna said...

What a cutie!!

The Proctors said...

She is so adorable!! I just love her dance outfits!