Thursday, February 12, 2009

4th folder...4th picture

Thought I'd get in on all the fun...

This is a picture of Isabella when she spent the night with us one night. The "live" canine is our Gus...who doesn't appear very happy...He HATES a camera. Then the "non-animated" canine is Belle's Gus. Our Gus was laying in the chair so Belle put her Gus in the chair with him and covered them up. It thought it was precious, so I had her stand beside them to get a picture. Of course, my "child" was not being as sweet as Belle and her "child".

We had a good time that night!


Billie said...

It's easier to be sweet when you can't move, pee or poop.

Joanna said...

The look of angst on Gus is priceless!