Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Starting out with Premier

Well this week will mark my first Premier Jewelry show that I will be doing on my own. I will be doing a show for my sister on Thursday, a show for a girl at work on Saturday, and a show for my Mom's teachers on Monday. I am really excited about it! I am trying to get everything as organized as possible so things will run smoothly.
Since my last post we have slowed down quite a bit...thankfully! Of course the 3 days of rain helped to slow us down, and now it is COLD!
Yesterday, I started back going to the gym. Our work finally last year added a gym to our benefits. Only employees can workout there and it is FREE. My current gym membership expires and I did not want to pay since I have a gym for free at my disposal. They have some very nice equipment and it wasn't so bad to workout again. I forget how much better it really does make me feel after working out.


Robyn said...

How did your shows go? I hope this works out really good. Well, y'all have a great weekend!