Friday, January 26, 2007


Exciting news! Two days ago, John was approached by his manager and the store manager at Dillard's about taking a position in furniture. This would be a promotion. More money per hour and commission. They said they were impressed with his selling and offered him the job. Of course, he accepted the position. He said it would be a few weeks before he started and he will have to go to Dallas for some training. I'm not sure what kind of training...maybe on furniture and the types of furniture they sell.
It is always amazing to me what God has in mind for us. We would have never dreamed that sales would be where John excelled or that I would be working in the area I am working in the time that I have been with Blue Cross.
Premier business is going well. I've had two shows so far with several more on the horizon.
Just thought I would catch you all up on what is going on with us!


Robyn said...

Hey, if you check this before you come home, y'all ought to come see us! That is great about John's job, and so neat that y'all can take a trip, too! How is Andrea since her procedure today? Love y'all!