Friday, March 28, 2008

Cough...Cough - Too much JUNK!

My sister and I are having a Yard Sale next weekend. When she moved to her house in December, a lot of her "sale" items went to my mini-storage. We discovered last week that she has an issue with keeping things for WAY TOO LONG! Some of the clothes we found in her containers were from high school...8-10 years old. She also kept pretty much all the clothes Camryn has worn in the 6 years of her life!
Last weekend we tackled many boxes of clothes and priced them. We went out to the mini-storage and got overwhelmed when we opened the door at the sheer amount of junk that we have been holding on to for years. However, because we were overwhelmed we got a couple of boxes and left...resorting to going through the storage this weekend.
Well, since the forecast is for rain this weekend and it was warm and sunny here yesterday, I went out and tackled the storage room. Pulled everything out and started at the back pricing items and then put it all back in there. So now we can load up a trailer next Friday night and move all that stuff to Andrea's for the Yard Sale.
This was therapy for Andrea as she has vowed not to keep stuff she doesn't need anymore! YAHOO! I have never been a "pack-rat" so this was music to my ears! This is my favorite thing about moving, throwing away junk and trash and getting rid of things that have become useless to me, but someone else can use.
I'm planning to take pictures of all the Yard Sale festivities next weekend. So I'll make sure to post about that!


Robyn said...

I am such a packrat, but moving to the barn has really helped. I just always can find a reason to hang on to stuff I should get rid of. Y'all have fun with your sale! We normally make enough to at least cover all the cappucinos and other necesities of garage saling we give ourselves. Love y'all!

Joanna said...

You are so gracious. I'm stuck with my folks' things and it drives me nuts. But yeah for cleaning things out.

Andrea said...

I wouldn't exactly call myself a "pack rat" persey...I'm more of a "sentimental keeper"!! I mean, really, what's wrong with keeping her first pair of shoes..and second..and third...and 15th pair?!?!?! ;) Love you!