Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A Time for Healing

Blogs are a view of what is going on in the life of the writer of the blog. I have over the past year or so, kept you up on the happenings in our lives (or at least the happy happenings). So this post is going to take a different turn. At this point in my life, I am going through a healing process. So this post is going to be some "therapy" for me.

For about 6 years, my husband has been in the throws of alcohol addiction. This has caused much emotional and financial pain for our marriage. He has had legal trouble, been in the detox unit of the hospital (several times), been in outpatient treatment and one 30-day stay in a residential facility (October 2007). After this 30-day stay, he did really well on working the 12-step program, going to meetings and obtaining a sponsor. However, he went to make amends with a friend (who is an alcoholic as well) and he picked up the beer and drank it. That lead to a few more episodes of drinking. These were usually one night and then clean for 8-10 days. About 2 weeks ago, he had a time of drinking for 4 days. During this time I had a long visit with our pastor. He just let me vent, cry, talk it out. I had finally come to a point that I needed to step out of God's way so that HE alone could get to John's heart. You see as a wife of an alcoholic, I had been trying to "fix" him and things. I had to come to my "bottom" and decide to let God work in this situation.

I approached John about going to long-term treatment (6-12 months). We had talked about this before and he was not ready to commit to that length. I let him know that I was at the point that I could not "live" this life anymore. He needed long-term treatment for himself and I needed the time for myself to recover.

Last Wednesday, March 12th, we drove to a facility in Texas that is a Christian treatment facility. The program is 6 months and there is after-care/work program after that time that he can participate in as well.

Our pastor preached on John 15 a couple of Sunday's ago. That is the reason I changed the name of my blog to "Learning to Abide in Him". That is what I am focusing on during this season of my life - Abiding in Him...letting Him flow through me to produce much fruit.

I ask that as my blog friends that you would send up prayers for me and this healing process I am in. Also, send up a prayer for John - a prayer that God will get to the root of John's heart and break away the selfishness, pride and rebellion and rebuild him to the NEW CREATURE that he is in Christ.

Thanks for "listening" to me as I put out this personal information. I know that I need all the prayer warriors I can get during this time.


Chris, Laura, Kristin, Moses and Austin said...

You and John will both definitely be in my thoughts and prayers. Alcoholism runs in my family and I know what it can do. You are right, you cannot "fix" things, but God in His own time, will. If you need anything at all...vent, cry, talk, laugh...I'm only a phone call away. I'll be in Cabot this weekend if you need anything.
Love ya!

Jenn said...

I will definitely be praying for you, Alison...and your husband too!
Jenn (Rushing)

Billie said...

You know I will...

Mary said...

I'm glad you shared your life with us, and please know that you and John will be in our prayers. We love you, and I pray that you will find the healing, strength and guidance you need during this time. What a wonderful God we serve that is able to protect us and guide us through everything, good and bad, in our lives!

Robyn said...

Even in the middle of this, your post is an encouragement to those of us who read it as your willingness to step out in faith on behalf of John and God's plan for him and your marriage shines through your words. You will both be in my prayers. May this be a time of healing and rebirth. We sure love y'all!

Joanna said...

I am a praying!! I get the feeling that this has been huge for you to just open up about it.

I started blogging as cheap therapy. Vent - it's part of healing as well as setting boundaries. I was shocked at the sheer amount of rage I felt when I finally saw how my boundaries were being violated by my parents. It's only a stage but it was still shocking.

While I can't fix it any more than you can, I pray that God will have a perfect work in both of your hearts. May this be a time of healing for both of you. Journal, listen to praise music, listen to any teaching tapes of favorite teachers - keep Jesus in the center as emotions will want to run you all over the place. Shame would want to keep you from reaching out to others for the help you need - don't listen to it! It's not you. I'm sure you know this but you've taken a beating - you can do it girl! You've made it this far. Praying for you.