Friday, May 2, 2008


Well tomorrow is the day I move into my new apartment in Conway. I have been out of my current apartment since I got back from seeing John. I was house/dog-sitting for my friends...then last night after they got back, I stayed with my sister (staying there tonight as well). What a week...I'm exhausted and I'm only half-way moved.

Here is a little funny: Last night Camryn (my 6 year old neice) and I were playing "Go Fish". It's too bad I don't remember all the rules of this game, because I think she made some up as we went along. Anyway...I had blown her hair dry and pulled her bangs back in a little poof and she kept looking in the mirror at herself. Then she says to me, "I love to look pretty"! Self-confidence is not an issue for her. We continued to play and she gave me her goals...she said "When I get bigger, I want to spread God's Word to others......(pause)..........and be a cheerleader!" Hey whatever floats your boat, dear! I love her to pieces!

Well, my next post will have pictures of my new apartment!


Andrea said...

She's a mess. Hope she always keeps that self confidence..something I've always lacked but try to instill in her. Just don't want her to go too far with