Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Day I Turned 30

Today has been a GREAT birthday. My intention was to have photographic evidence of my 30th birthday day, however, I just can't remember to get the camera out.

I remembered this morning when I got to work and my co-workers had streamers and confetti all over my office also a basket of items "older" folks might need! For the fun of it...I'm leaving most of it up all week!

For lunch a few of my co-workers went to a place called EJ's...had a burger and homemade potato chips! YUM!

Got home and went with my hubby to get his crown put on...this was scheduled over 2 weeks ago. While he was at the dentist...I got my drivers license renewed.

We came back to Conway...had some YUMMY Mexican food...and came home to relax.

I have gotten many birthday wishes on my Facebook page, text messages and phone calls. Had a great birthday party this past weekend weekend...and my neice got 7th overall on her solo and 4th overall on her duet at the national dance competition in Dallas. I'm not there, but I can just imagine how wonderful she did on those dances.

You know, as you grow up...a day like this is exactly the kind of day you want to have for your birthday. I am blessed with lots of friends and family and that is the best birthday present a girl could ever ask for her 30th birthday!


Billie said...

See...this is the best part about birthdays as we get older. They turn into more than just one day. WOO HOO! You KNEW that office was coming, though :-)

as a side note, I squealed when I got the text about Cam! can't wait to see her on SYTYCD one day!

Alison said...

Yes...I knew the office decorations were coming so I had cleaned my desk off ahead of time. At least they didn't get out all the shredded paper and pour it all over everything. That would not have been as much fun and I would not have gotten to leave it up all week!