Saturday, December 30, 2006

Christmas Update

We had a great Christmas this year!

On Christmas Eve, we had our Christmas with Alison's parents (well John had to work until 6 pm so he didn't come over until after work). We had our usual breakfast casserole and then opened presents. Camryn racked up, of course. She was excited about all she got and that is what is so fun about Christmas! Her Pawpaw got her a magic kit...she seemed a little disappointed that is was more "trick" that "magic". Santa brought the family the game "Scene It- TV Edition". It was fun. The four of us played and then when John came over we played again. It was relaxing and fun to be with family. To see pictures of this you will have to go to the link for "Momma's Photos" and click on the Christmas Folder.

On Christmas Morning, we woke up and opened the gifts we got each other. Then in a mad rush we loaded up the Explorer and went to Keith and Janna's for our Kerr Christmas. Not our normal Kerr Christmas, because Pat's family didn't come and Bobby and Melba could only stay for a few hours, but it was fun to get together and eat and play games. Melba made breakfast casserole and we ate and then opened some presents. Then we played Cranium! That game is always fun. After Bobby and Melba left to do Christmas with her family, Janna and I had made snack foods and Keith had smoked a ham and chicken. We just ate and ate and ate...even when we weren't hungry we ate some more! We played Hand and Foot and then Mexican Train.
Well as you can tell we had a good time during Christmas. Now is it time to start exercising to work off the extra food that was eaten during this time. Click on "Our Photos" link to the right to see pictures.
Happy New Year!


Robyn said...

Sounds like a full, busy, great Christmas! But isn't it kinda nice to slow down to January's pace now? I hope y'all are doing real good--I love catching up with y'all in your blog!