Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Girl Power and Family

One of my most favorite reality shows is "The Biggest Loser". This season was couples (mom/child, husband/wife, best friends). FINALLY a girl won The Biggest Loser!!! WAY TO GO ALI!! This year we had two girls in the finale. Because it is based the percentage of weight loss, men usually have a greater chance of winning...however this season the girls powered through. I just love this show! It is very inspirational.
Check out the photos of all the contestants on the Biggest Loser website:

Once again on American Idol, David Cook stood out as my favorite! It was a special night for him as his brother who has brain cancer was able to be in the audience. For a rocker to have to sing a Mariah Carey song...I was a little worried...however, with David Cook why worry? He is AWESOME...well, just check it out:


Andrea said...

He is really close to replacing my F2H (Future 2nd Husband)!!! :)

The Proctors said...

I love David Cook too!!! He is definitely my favorite. I loved what he did with Mariah's song.

Billie said...

Hands down should be Andreas F2H. #1...single and #2...I told David last night...he's better than Daughtry. He can do things Daughtry never would have even attempted.

Andrea said...

This is tough, girls! It's gonna take time to move on! I can't just jump right from one F2H to another! I do thank you for your support in this BIG decision! ;)