Monday, April 7, 2008

Successful Yard Sale

After the horrible weather we had on Thursday evening and the rain on Friday, Andrea and I were praying that the weather predictions for a beautiful Saturday would hold true. They did...except that the beautiful warm sunny part of Saturday showed up about the time we closed up shop on our Yard Sale. It was successful. The grand total was around $340...which was more than I was expecting. We sold almost all of our large items and made a dent in the clothes. Now all the left-overs are either at Goodwill or the clothes closet at my church. I forgot my camera, but Andrea took some pictures before and after! I have never seen so many stuffed animals. About noon my mom came by to see how we were doing and we were talking and I said..."I know what we should been doing...'A free stuffed animal with every purchase' campaign". By then it was too late! Oh well...those stuffed animals will live on in many other homes.
When I get the pictures from Andrea, I'll post them on here.

I'm planning on moving my Christmas, camping and other few things into my storage room today...because according to the weather-woman...rain for Tuesday-Thursday!

Happy Spring!