Monday, August 18, 2008

Me Oh My...

...and I don't even have any biological children going to school today, but I have cried tears this morning!

My neice, Camryn, told her mother this morning that her stomach felt a little bit funny about 1st grade. The child is a worrier...she gets it honest, from her mother. She has been asking Andrea if 1st grade would be hard...getting real grades, etc. She is very smart and it wasn't until about the 2nd semester of kindergarten that she even encountered things she didn't already know. Andrea told her that 1st grade would be like kindergarten, in that you learn as you go. Stop worrying! (I'm sure she will post with pictures of her 1st day in 1st grade soon.

My best friend's daughter (and my adopted neice) started kindergarten today. There will most likely be 3 posts regarding this milestone, by this afternoon. One from last night, one from this morning with pictures of the momentous occasion and I'm sure one this evening after they get the scoop from Belle.

My little ones are growing up!