Saturday, August 2, 2008

"I've Got to Get Out There and Do This Thing"

Yes, Lord! That is what about all I can say at this point. Last night and this morning I attended the Beth Moore Simulcast. I have really been looking forward to this for about a month. Thanks to my grandparents who sent me birthday money and it was exactly the amount of the ticket! Memaw and Pawpaw...that $30 was well spent and will continue on for a 1,000 generations.

Of course, if you have ever heard Beth speak, you know that you take notes like crazy and it is so much "meat" that takes a while to digest. As I go back through my notes and let the Lord continue to work through what I have heard, I'll make some posts to the blog so that you can be blessed by the message God gave Beth. The most amazing part is that I was just one of 70,000 women who attended this conference. There were 715 locations in 49 states and 4 countries that all heard this WORD this weekend. If each of us steps into living in our 100-fold harvest...WOW...what an impact we can have.

If you were able to attend the simulcast this weekend, I pray you were as blessed as well!


Robyn said...

I bet that was sooo good, and, yes, that was money well spent! I love doing her studies and learning from her humble spirit. Y'all take care!