Tuesday, September 23, 2008

September Update

WOW! I just realized it has been a while since I posted an update...so here is a run-down of what we have been up to:

1. I had my Premier Jewelry Training Show on the 4th. It went well and I have about got all my paperwork organized for my business. I have a list of potential hostess to call, so you may be getting a phone call from me in the near future.

2. John and I went to the Hogs game played in Little Rock on the 6th. The last quarter was REALLY exciting. We won just barely, but it is a whole new team and new coach...my expectations are not high for the piggies this year.

3. We had Family Night with the Overstreets on the 11th and the 18th

4. One of our dear friends at church turned 50...we a little party for her - Click here for details!

5. 6th Birthday Party - my "niece", Belle, is turning 6 years old on the 30th...and we are having a Fashion Show party for her and her girlfriends on Saturday. We are covered in makeup, hairspray, boas, jewels...it will be great!

6. Friday, Billie and I are off work to go have lunch with Belle and take some special birthday treats for her class. She is PUMPED about us coming...and we are excited as well.

7. Some of our favorite reality TV is back on the air..."House, M.D.", "Dancing with the Stars" and our fav "The Biggest Loser". I decided that between me and John we will have a Biggest Loser contest to see who can loose the most % of Body weight in 12 weeks. Our 12-weeks will be up on December 2nd....Not sure what we will do but I'm sure we will have some sort of prize/celebration in December.

8. Apparently, my secret dream of becoming a cosmotologist is coming true. I have colored one friend's hair (and not the box of color, but the actually mixing of color and developer) and I have two more "clients" tonight (if I can fit them in!!!!). Oh their trust in my abilities makes me nervous!

9. Tomorrow for lunch I am going to visit with my grandmother that is in from ElDorado. I haven't seen her since Memorial Day and she is up this week staying with my parents.

10. Well I can't leave a list with just 9 things...I'm weird like that!

I'm ready for the fall weather!


Andrea said...


Joanna said...

Wondered where you went. I was praying for you when Ike went through as I didn't know if you were in the area of it or not.

I can see you getting into hair and makeup. Your makeup always looks professionally done and your hair is looking sassy cute.

AliciaG said...

Wow, what a list. You are doing better than me at posting...I have not posted anything for a while either. I guess I just haven't had anything going on. Good to hear all that is happening in your life.

Tiffany said...

We have got to get you a new assistant!

Billie said...

Well...my hair looks great. We'll add some highlights later, but I was well pleased and I will even leave you a tip. Next time, get a new assistant!

But that other client...man, she sure was demanding. THREE COLORS from someone who has never foiled. And all that complaining about the multi-tonal design that was so strategically placed in her hair. Geez!

Pete Wilson said...

Looking forward to fall weather as well!!

Wild Ride With The Hankins said...

You have got to slow down girl!!! I cant even find out how to put friends or blogger people on my page thing. You know for old people like me it has to be in bold print and black and white. All of it!!!
Love you

Robyn said...

What a fun aunt I bet you are! I bet you had such a good visit with your grandmother--she is just one of the neatest ladies in the world. And gets that from her mother! Well, y'all take care--love y'all!