Friday, June 19, 2009

My Beautiful Sister

Today marks another birthday in June for a very special person in my life, my beautiful sister, Andrea. (I can't find a picture of just Andrea, most pictures I have these days are of these two together...however, that is reality)

It is hard to believe that my little sister is 28 years old. I still have that big sister mentality to protect her. There have been many things in her past that I could protect her from...strawberry ice cream and tomatoes to name a couple :-). However, there have been things that I could not protect her from...teasing kids, heartbreaks, and a really bad marriage. It is those things that she has been through that have made her into the strong confident woman she is today. I am so very proud of her. Although there are many single parents, this girl "takes the cake". Even when she is worn out and feeling the effects of raising that great girl of hers, she still keeps moving forward, relying on God to get her through.

She is beautiful...she is strong...she is a godly mother...she is my confidant...she is my sister!

Love you An...I hope you have a wonderful birthday!


Andrea said...

Oh my gosh...seriously crying! Thank you so much!! I cant tell you how much this means to me! I love you!
p.s. i like strawberry ice cream now...but not

Alison said...

I know! What is up with liking strawberry ice cream...I thought I told you that you didn't like it!! LOL!!! At least you paid attention on the tomatoes!

Love you too!

AliciaG said...

Awww...what a sweet tribute to your sister. I am so thankful you two are so close and such good friends. God has brought you both through a lot and it has made both of you the super women you are today. Love you both so much!

Robyn said...

How sweet! Sisters are just one of the very best blessings.