Monday, June 1, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Today is my Momma's Birthday and I wanted to dedicate today's post to her!

Anyone who knows my mother knows that she is a godly woman with strong convictions and she lives by those convictions. She is a teacher at heart and loves being in Christian education. She was dedicated to me and Andrea having a Christian education that she even took a few years off from teaching in the school to home school us. She has been and is my example of a godly wife and mother. I am truly blessed to be her daughter!

I Love You Momma! I hope you have a great birthday!


AliciaG said... are not supposed to make your Momma cry on her birthday! Thanks so much for those sweet words and thoughts. I am very grateful for the daughters God gave me and for the Godly young women you are! You have made my day!
Love ya bunches!

Kelly said...

How sweet!!!

There's something for you over at my blog