Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Asking for Prayer for my Grandmothers

I am asking for prayer for my Memaw (Genevieve Gillaspie). She had a lung infection and was very confused and agitated. I got word yesterday that the infection is clearing up but that they had diagnosed her with Dementia. Then I heard from my Daddy last night that for about 30 minutes she did not know who Pawpaw was, she told him to call her when Leon gets home. It just breaks my heart and can’t imagine being married to someone for 60 years and then that person not know who I am. Please continue to lift up Leon and Genevieve Gillaspie through this time. Also their kids (Norman, Tricia, and Paul) grandchildren (Alison, Andrea, Christiana, Anthony Benjamin, Joseph, Ashely, Josh, Nick and Jake) and great-grandchild (Camryn).

Also, my mom got a call yesterday that they were taking my Mimmie (Thalia Curtis) to the hospital because she had a heaviness on her chest and was short of breath. They did an EKG and it showed a narrowing of the Aorta, so they are going to do a heart cath in the morning early to determine exactly what the problem is. Her primary care doctor said that the EKG tests showed that the aorta valve is not functioning as it should which is therefore causing the blood to build up in her lungs thus causing the shortness of breath. Hopefully it will something they can stint. If so, they will do it while they are in there. If not, we are talking bypass surgery. Please remember Joe and Thalia Curtis and my mom and her sister (Alicia and Shelia).


Billie said...

I already have been and will continue.

The Burns Family said...

Consider it done.

Joanna said...

Oh my! That's rough getting hit with medical stuff on both sides.

Will do.

The Masseys said...

Praying right now and will keep on