Monday, November 24, 2008

Sunday afternoon update on Mimmie

My mom will return to El Dorado this morning to be there for the CT scan of Mimmie's chest/heart area. If that test does not reveal enough information for Dr. Bhott, he will also do an echogram. After he gets the results from the tests he will conference with the surgeon as to what would be the best plan of action for Mimmie. He said he is still leaning toward surgery but wanted to get these other test done and allow for the medication to work before making a definite decision. Mimmie is doing well. She is in good spirits and at peace with whatever they decide. She got to take a shower yesterday and wash her hair so she feels like a new woman! She is sleeping well at night but not in the bed...she sleeps in the recliner. When she lays flat down on the bed it causes her to not be able to breathe.
We are certainly thankful for all your prayers and notes. Having all that prayer support is making this much easier. Dr. Bhott is a strong believer and appreciates your prayers for him as well. He is seeking the Lord's guidance as to what would be the best treatment for Mimmie. God was truly good to give us a doctor who is a strong Christian.