Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Update on Mimmie

Wednesday afternoon update:
Hello Family and Friends,
Just wanted to let you all know where we stand with Mother. The cardiologist came in this morning to talk with us. He had talked extensively with the surgeon (after the surgeon had talked with Mother last night) and they both agree the only way for her to get better is to have the aortic valve replaced. She has an irregular heart beat and her heart is weakening so t"he treating this with medicine" option is out. He said her quality of life would only digress which would basically mean she would be confined to a bed or chair. Previous to her going to the doctor on Monday it was it wore her out to unload the dryer or tie her shoes. So, she told Dr. Bhott, that she was ready to have the surgery. She is at peace with this decision and feels whatever happens is the Lord's will. Right now I am waiting to talk with the surgeon, Dr. Wilson, to get the final details, but Dr. Bhott said that he told him he was planning to do the surgery this Friday. She will remain in the hospital until they do the surgery so they can keep her stable. When I get the chance to talk with Dr. Wilson and get further info, I will pass it on to all of you.
We all appreciate the calls, visits, and notes from you. I know that is the reason we have such a peace and calm about all of this...your prayers are giving us strength from the Lord.
Thanks to all of you at school for taking up the slack for me. I appreciate you.
Love and hugs!

Here is the update from my mom regarding Mimmie's condition:

We finally got to meet with the Cardiologist regarding the next step for Mother. He confirmed that the aorta valve is not functioning properly and is basically wearing out. He said they are not going to make a hasty decision about what to do next. He is consulting with other well known cardiologist in state and out of state to get their opinions on what they would do. He did say he was going to treat her as if she were his own mom which I appreciated. What would he prescribe for her if she were in that state. He wants to have a concensus of opinions before they decide what they should do. They will consider her age and other health issues in making a decision. He did say the good news is that she does not have any other problems with blockage in the coronary arteries. If she did, it would not be a hard decision. They would go in and fix the arteries and the valve at the same time. However, since that is not an issue, it creates a more difficult decision, because this is not an easy surgery to recover from. He said it would take maybe a year for her to gain full recovery. Mother did ask what he would do if they did not do the surgery and he told her they would treat it with medicine. But that it is like a faucett that is clogged will still work but it will not work properly or at full capacity until the clog is removed. She does have some calcium build up in the mitral valve but nothing to worry about. So, she will be in the hospital over night and then I am assuming she will come home tomorrow. Then she will wait to hear from Dr. Bhott who will call her in after he has gathered all the other opinions.
I appreciate your prayers. Mother feels good about what he has told her and is willing to do what he feels is best for her. Dr. Bhott was very open and honest with her and said before he left that he would be seeking the Lord's help in this decision as well. That made me feel very good!

We appreciate your prayers and ask that you continue to pray for all involved (Patient, family, and doctors) and that the decisions that are made will be in Mimmie's best interest!


Billie said...

Praising God and prayng for more!