Monday, November 24, 2008

I've been Tagged

I've been photo tagged by Billie. Here are the rules:

Players look into their photo files, choose the sixth folder and then the sixth photo in that folder. Post that picture, and tell the story behind it.

Here is Mine:

This picture is of Gus and Sissy playing tug of war with one of Sissy's toys. And that precious little foot is Belle's. She was probably laughing at the dogs or getting on to them for fighting!

This is an easy one to do and fun to see what picture ends up as your sixth picture in your sixth folder.

I tag:







Billie said...

Oh, I just want to kiss that foot!

Joanna said...

Hey looking a lot like Christmas over here.

Praying your holidays will be fine with all the stuff going on.

I'm now wondering if this tag may get me in trouble. hee hee