Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bullet Points....I love them!

Most people that I work with and have ever gotten an email from me that contains a list, could easily figure out I love bullet points. They are short bits of information and are easy to get the meat of the information to the reader.

So yesterday, I was checking some blogs and read one of my Premier sister's blog regarding Prayer Cards. Knowing my love of bullet points, this made it simple and a way that I will remember specific prayer needs for different areas/people in my life. Check it out at bugsandsunshine.

Between Beth Moore's idea for writing down scriptures that speak specific truths for your life and her challenge of memorizing 2 scriptures a month for 2009 and now Anna's Prayer Card idea...the index cards are being introduced back into my life...which hasn't happened since the last research paper I did in college. But now I think I'll actually like the index card! ;-)


Billie said...

Yes, I LOVE index cards! Especially ones in spiral notebooks!

AliciaG said...

A woman after my own heart...I love index cards and bullet points...anything that helps keep me organized and doesn't waste time.

Alison said...

I come by it honestly people...AliciaG is my mom!

Brad Ruggles said...

I'm with ya...I love bullets and have to work to try not to make my emails look like business proposals. I like graphs and charts even better! :-)

Pretty geeky, huh?