Thursday, March 5, 2009

#1 is Obviously True (Google Game - My Needs)

Billie posted her "needs" on her blog and facebook. It thought it was pretty I tried it.
This was kinda weird to figure out but it is kind funny. I typed "Alison Needs" in 'Google' and here are the first 10 sentences that came up that read 'Alison needs...'

1. Alison needs ...a blog topic (obviously...however, I never promised I'd blog everyday)

2. Alison learn how to pose in pictures (uh...this is a family friendly post)

3. Alison needs...a vacation (would love one)

4. Alison argue something like this: heat exchangers are not required (ok...not sure what a heat exchanger is exactly...but obviously I need to argue that they are not required)

5. Alison needs...nap badly (yes...yes she does)

6. Alison needs...needs to get a bigger tank for her frogs (what does google know...I HATE frogs!)

7. Alison needs...a tech makeover (I actually enjoy a tech makeover)

8. Alison get crackin' if I'm gonna have alot done before Pat gets home!! (my brother-in-law is coming...oh man...I'm glad Google knew about this before me!)

9. Alison change (yes...I agree...but I'm working on it)

10. Alison needs...a home (well my apartment is my home...I think I'm good)


Andrea said...

I just so happen to know what a heat exchanger is...its the thing that's cracked in my heater which is allowing air to seep through in turn, blowing out my pilot light and on those cold nights, making me wake up to a 54 degree home! So, if you're ready to argue that they are not needed...let's go! lol :) Love ya!

Billie said...

Oh, Andrea...that is hilarious!

But favorite!