Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Calling all Prayer Warriors

I wanted to ask you all to pray for my friend Pam. On Sunday afternoon she and her family (husband, daughter, son and each kid had a friend) were climbing Pinnacle Mountain here in Little Rock. A little more than half way up the mountain (the kids were on ahead of her and Mark, her husband) she told Mark she felt like she would pass out. He had her sit down and said he would get the kids and then come meet her. He started up and got about 10 yards away…looked back and saw her “slithering” off the rock. She was in a Grand Mal Seizure. Scared him to death. They have been married 23 years…dated since they were teenagers. He has never seen her have a seizure. She had them when she was a young child.
They called 911 and they came up and took her down the mountain and took her to big Baptist. She is still in the hospital and will be there through at least tomorrow. She had an EEG last night and is having an echocardiogram today and some other test as well. Tomorrow she is having another test. Her blood pressure is really low right now and she has a heart monitor. They are just doing all these test to see what may have caused the seizure.

They have already told her she will not be able to drive for about 6 months. God was watching out for her because she was low to the ground. Only has some scratches and bumps on one side of her face. Also there was a lady coming up the mountain when this happened that was a first responder. She does have a fractured sternum because Mark was doing CPR on her because he was not really sure what was happening and she was blue around the mouth. He was trying to get her some air before the ambulance arrived to get her.

She is a very important part of my life right now and I am praying that God completely heal her body. Her family's names so that you can pray specifically are Mark (husband), Faith (11 year old daughter) and Luke (8 year old son).


The Proctors said...

I will definitely keep this family in my prayers!

Tiffany said...

I'm praying. Is this the lady I met at the Women's event at New Life?

I miss you!