Thursday, May 28, 2009

"Must-See" Summer Show!

If you did not see this show last summer, it is a MUST SEE for this summer! If you need a good belly laugh over and over again...this is the show for you!

It premiered on ABC last night at 7:00 p.m. Our stomach muscles were hurting within the first few minutes!

Starts off with 24 contestants that go through different obstacle courses that are guarenteed to wipe out the contestants and make you laugh. They work their way down to 3 people to compete in a final obstacle course and the person with the fastest time wins $50,000. Here are a few pictures I found that show some of the obstacles.

We HIGHLY recommend it!!


The Proctors said...

We love this show too!! Definitely a good one if you need a laugh. We have last night's episode on DVR so I'm sure we'll be watching it soon!

Billie said...

We had to watch Meet the Browns after church last night, but Wipeout (and SYTYCD) is on DVR for tonight.