Friday, November 20, 2009

Show Us Your Life - Pet Edition

I see that Kelly's Korner is having Show Us Your Life-Pets edition and I thought I might get in on the action.

Here is Gus!
We have had him for over 6 years...One Saturday afternoon (Valentines Day in 2003) I made up my mind I wanted a dog and went the our county's adopt-a-pet day. I had it narrowed down to two dogs one that would be a big dog and this little guy:

He had been hit by a car and his leg was broken. He was really sweet and just ended up capturing my heart. John was not thrilled with the idea AT ALL! (which is why the below picture is funny...this was the day we got him...he took to John quickly. What is funny to me is that this picture is the normal relationship between John and Gus now, but then it was HILARIOUS!)

He insisted that he would NOT sleep with us at all, and for about 2 months he did not. Then it was time for John to go on a fishing trip...he said "When I get back, I don't want Gus to be in bed with us"...not 30 minutes later that night before he left, HE brought Gus to the bed and he as been there ever since! SUCKER!

It really is hard to imagine life without Gus. He is the perfect dog for us. He is quiet and enjoys sitting right beside you on the couch or curled up snoozing in the bed.

He rounds out our little family. Love you Gussie Boy!


Billie said...

I remember the day! And LURVED his farie foot in the cast!

Summer said...

How cute! The pic of him loving on your hubby is HILARIOUS!! Looks like love at first sight, for the dog anyways... Ha! Ha! Glad he finally grew on your hubby!
Summer :0)

Andrea said...

Heeeey GUS GUS...dang he's gotten to be a lil chunk...LOL. Can't wait for him to meet Gabe...should be interesting!

Alison said...

Yeah…he gets more treats from his dad than me!!!

Allison said...

Gus is so cute