Friday, November 17, 2006

National Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month

Most of you may not be aware that November is Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month. In August of 2005 my mother-in-law lost her battle with Pancreatic Cancer. This is a terrible disease because most of the time it is not caught until the cancer has spread to other organs.

My brother-in-law has done a lot of research to find out what research is being done for pancreatic cancer. There is not a lot but he did find Pancreatic Cancer Action Network that puts their funds to good use in searching for a cure/earlier detection of Pancreatic Cancer. If you feel that you can give even a little bit to help us raise the $2,000 goal, please do so!

Also, here is the link to the PanCAN website:

It is during the holiday time that I really miss my Mother-in-law! She was always so excited to get all her family together at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Since she loved Christmas time so much, she always liked to come over after I got all my Christmas decorations up and see what I had done. She would go on-and-on about how I had everything decorated so pretty. Even though she always said it (and frankly, got on my nerves sometimes), I now just wish she were here to say it to me again.
Always treasure the time you have with family. Don't waste time arguing and fighting...spend your time loving each other with all your heart! You never know when you might not get to tell and show that person you love them.