Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Back Home and Happy Birthday

Today is my husband's 32nd Birthday!

On Sunday I made a trek to Texas to pick up John. After several conference calls, Isaiah (founder), Tryston, Ms. Judi and John talked about his progress in the program and him graduating the program at 90-days. He had completed his bookwork, continued to do the memorization of the scriptures and go to classes, meetings, and church. He was named "client of the week" about 2 weeks ago.

We discussed my expectations and I had made a list of all the things that I expected. Everything on my list were things that John had on his list as well (plus he had a few more). We discussed how each of us felt about him coming home. There will be adjustments to make for both of us as we come back together as different people than we were 3-months ago.

I ask that you continue to pray for us as we move forward in recovery.


Robyn said...

I'll sure keep praying and happy birthday, John!

Joanna said...

I've been wondering when you guys were going to be back together again. I'll keep you in my prayers!