Tuesday, June 24, 2008

She is such a big girl!

My sister is having to deal with the longest 8 days of her life. Her daughter, Camryn, is in Las Vegas with her other grandparents to visit her dad and brothers. She has been so excited to go to Vegas, all the while worrying about flying. I have heard from my Momma and Andrea that they made it there.
Andrea is dog-sitting "her" dog, Chewy, that lives with Camryn's grandparents. An said last night that she said she "sat on her deck and boohoo-ed while petting Chewy" and Chewy kept trying to jump in her lap (Chewy is a 70 pound dog)! She said it was pretty funny.

Enjoy a picture of Camryn that my mom took yesterday before she left:
Keep Camryn in your prayers for a good time and safety while visiting! Also, pray for Andrea as well.


Andrea said...

I got word that she was up past 12:30 last night playing with Chance! Sounds like she's having fun. Just keep praying! love you!

AliciaG said...

Isn't that a great picture of her? I just love the look on her face in those where she is laughing. It was a great moment!
Love you!

Kellan said...

She's darling and I hope she has a great trip.

Thanks for coming by today, Alison and for the sweet comment about our baby! Hope to see you soon - Kellan

Robyn said...

Hope her trip is a fun one. And that it goes by quickly for Andrea! Love y'all!