Monday, December 15, 2008

Monday Morning Update

Monday afternoon/evening update:

Mimmie has been moved from CVICU to a room!!!! She is doing much better tonight. She has had some ensure and the Phyicial Therapist was to have her walking down the hallway again tonight.

Update from Momma (which she got from her sister):

The news is better this morning on Mother. Praise the Lord! She has been up in her chair, eaten some Insure chocolate pudding and a saltine cracker and has walked all the way down the hall pushing a wheel chair! This is great since yesterday she could hardly get from the bed to the chair without getting dizzy. They are to take the catheter out today also. Her heart is still in A Fib, but she is sounding more perky and is not nauseated! Yeah!!!! Thanks for your prayers on her behalf! They are working!