Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Hip Hip Horray for Christmas Vacation!

This past weekend we went to Branson for our Kerr Family Christmas. Last year we rented a house in Branson and it was so fun we decided to do it again. However this year our house was even nicer and I believe we all had a great time.

After we got up there I realized I had forgotten my camera. So I have not evidence that we even had a Kerr Family Christmas. Well I do have some evidence - a 6'5" 15-year-old teenager on my couch the last two nights. You see I used to babysit this precious little blond boy...who has in the past 15 years become my nephew and is head and shoulders taller than me. BUT he is the sweetest teenage boy you will meet. Since our lives are going different directions we don't get to visit with our nieces and nephews very much and Zak wanted to come stay with us a few days on his Christmas break. So, he is getting to enjoy our much quieter slower pace than his house that is full of an older sister, a younger sister, a foster sister and a 2-year-old brother. I believe he has enjoyed himself.

He is going home this evening since we are fast approaching Christmas! If my niece's get the pictures they took out on Facebook, I'll pull some of them over to this post. But for now...just know we had a great time with our Kerr family (as always)!


Robyn said...

I sure had some catching up to do on your blog. As always, so encouraging and thought-provoking to read! Love y'all!