Monday, December 15, 2008

Weekend Update

Here are the e-mail updates from Momma. As you can tell there are lots of ups and downs with recovery from this surgery. I ask that you pray that today they will see great improvements!

Well, if there is one thing I have learned today it is that nothing is definite when it comes to patients in CVICU and a patient's status can change in a matter of minutes. Mother did not get to move to the step down unit as we had thought she would. She began to have fluid build up around her lung which made her breathing difficult. They put her back on the lasix and canceled the move to the third floor. She did well all day while I was there. She ate pretty good until the evening meal. In her words it was YUCK! I ended up going to get her some chicken nuggets and a Jr. Frosty from Wendy's so she would eat a little. Around 7 PM her nurse came in to say he was going to put her back on the Ameoderone drip...her heart had gotten out of sinus rhythm again. So, I am not sure what tomorrow will hold. I am just asking that you pray for her to get a good night's rest. She didn't rest much at all last night since she was unable to breathe well. Also, please pray that the fluid build up around her lungs will subside and that her heart will get back in sinus rhythm. I will send out another note tomorrow as I know anything further. I was sure hoping to get to send out good news from the step down unit, but I guess that will come later.

Well, today has not been a very good day for Mother. To me this has been the worst day thus far as far. She looks very weak eyed and lethargic. She has been nauseated most of the day which keeps her from eating. They are giving her meds for the nausea but she is still experiencing that feeling from time to time. They gave her a concentrated protein drink to try to keep her strength up. She was able to hold it down but has just not felt good at all today. She has napped most of the day. Her kidney output is still doing good. They continue to give her lasix for the fluid and ameoderone to try to get her heart to convert to sinus rhythm. It is still in A Fib. I am about to go back up to sit with her for a while. I have to leave for home around 5 PM. Please be in prayer that the nausea will go away and that she will begin to eat. She has to have nurishment to gain her strength so she can get out of CVICU.
Thanks for your prayers. We are really needing them today!