Thursday, December 11, 2008

Updates on Grandmothers

As referenced here, my Mimmie had heart valve replacement surgery on Monday. Everything went great with the surgery. Recovery is going slow. This is the latest information I have from Momma:
Subject: Wednesday evening update on Mother
Well, today has been somewhat of an out of it day for Mother. They did get her heart back in sinus rhythm, but she was given morphine for the pain she was experiencing and it has built up in her body causing her to be knocked out most of the day. She is also talking out of her head and hasn't really known us when we go in to see her. They have given her a drug to counteract the morphine so once that takes affect maybe she will be more alert. We have not gone in to see her too many times today so she can rest and hopefully sleep this medicine off. It seems that when we do go in it gets her all riled up and then it takes a while to get her calmed down. When we left around 5:30 she was resting peacefully. She is on 40% oxygen still, vital signs are all good and her heart is doing as it should. They are thinking if she progresses well tomorrow that she may get to move to the step-down unit by Friday and maybe go home by Sunday or Monday. Please pray with us that she will be able to come out of the affects of the morphine and be more at herself tomorrow so she can move to the next phase of the recovery process.
Again, we can't thank you enough for the calls, notes and prayers for her.

Update on my Daddy's mother (my Memaw):
I talked to Daddy on Tuesday and he had called his parents to let them know that Mimmie's surgery went well and to check on his mother. She is doing much better. They have continued to adjust her medication and it is really working well. She even went with Pawpaw to visit with folks at Southeastern Bible College (where Pawpaw worked for most of his life). They visited for about 3 hours and Memaw was very clear. Daddy said he talked to her for 10 minutes or so and she seemed really clear to him as well and Pawpaw sounded less tense. So thank you for your prayers for her as well.

All of my grandparents have always told me "getting old is for the birds"...I tend to agree!


Billie said...

But they are both some of the sweetest old women I have ever met!

Tiffany said...

My granny has said the same thing!