Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thanks for praying

An update to the post below:

Pam was able to go late yesterday evening. She had a tilt table test done to see if they could induce a fainting spell. It was determined she has syncope. She will have to cut out the caffeine and start drinking more water. She needs to up her salt intake. If she feels a spell coming on she is to lay down and elevate her legs. After 4 weeks if she has not had anymore spells she will be able to drive again.
We are praising the Lord for this type of diagnosis when it could have been something so much worse. Thanks for saying a prayer for my friend. Please continue to lift her up as she has some changes to make in her diet and her "go, go, go" lifestyle.


AliciaG said...

Oh that is good to hear. I was wondering how she was doing earlier this week. Glad to hear that she is better.

Kelly said...

Glad to see an update on your friend Alison. We will keep praying!