Wednesday, May 6, 2009

American Idol - "What a Set-Up" Week

Knowing last week that this week was Rock and Roll, I knew that they (producers) were continuing on in their quest to have Adam win. However, after last night it was so apparent through the whole show, which is bad for Adam (at least in my opinion...since he will be locked into the way the AI folks want his first record) and not fair to the others either.

So the show starts...well at least at my house...I thought we were not going to be able to watch because our local Fox affiliate was having technical only hissing and no picture. We were getting a little upset. came back on and looks like we just missed the filler at the beginning of the show and part of Adam's solo...which is fine with me.

Adam - "Whole Lotta Love" - Deferring to the hubs for opinion about this metal rock music since he prefers the rocky side of music..."Didn't like that". He is a man of few words (until the end of the show that is). The judges loved it and of course they did...he has won the show already...

Allison - "Cry, Baby" - I do love her hair...suits her perfectly and it sounds like from her interview that she and Adam had a "girl's day" at the salon. I thought it was perfectly Allison and she sounded great. I have always been a fan of her. And although I do not like the talking back to the judges...I felt as if Simon has been "testing" her confidence level...and last night she stood up for herself.

Thoughts so far: Both "rockers" got to sing first, which is appropriate and sad because this is NOT Kris or Danny's genre. So putting their duet and solos after Adam and Allison is pretty sad!

Kris and Danny - "Renegade" - Oh...I like the harmonies...they sound GREAT together! I expected nothing music leaders in their churches they are probably used to singing all different parts with others. GREAT JOB guys! However, something just seems wrong with Danny. No sparkle in his eyes...Kris as well. Maybe it is not their week and they know they are going to be overshadowed...maybe they are tired...I'm not sure but both seemed distant last night.

Kris - "Come Together" - Great job...picked a song that he could put his signature "Kris Allen" sound on which is what Kara has loved all she is not loving it? Simon has loved Kris more recently and now he doesn't like it as well? (refer to title of the post ... Kris' case...set-up for "failure").

Danny - "Dream On" - I was saying during his practice time with Slash...Oh Danny you are going to have to really hit those 'screamy' notes. Worried about this risky song choice. Oh...that last scream...not good. Danny's eyes are so empty looking still. Maybe nerves? No final rehearsal time?

Thoughts up until now (this is where hubs starts getting quite a bit more wordy): Clearly they want Kris to be out of the competition tonight. Even after Danny's performance, the judges comments were not as harsh to him. Why at this stage of the competition would they choose a genre so suited for only two of the four contestants? This week would have been a perfect week to have them sing songs from the top 100 billboard songs this week. They would have been "relevant" (a word the judges use a lot) and would have allowed us to see with a current song what kind of album these contestants would make.

Adam and Allison - "Slow Ride" - First words from hubs "I can play this song really good on Guitar Hero!" I must say...that is true. When we had Thanksgiving dinner with friends this past year, this song we played many times by all playing Guitar Hero. Oh Adam...those striped pants...not good. It was what I expected from them.

So Adam got to sing first and last...hmm.

Final thoughts...this really sucks for Kris and Danny....basically they were thrown under the bus. I expected the Adam to overshadow everyone and he did. So seems like AI producers "evil" plan is worked for them last night and not so subtly!

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Billie said...

Oh, I agree. BLATANT and shameless "sandwiching" was what I told BooMama last night. Then, they made Kris and Danny sing their duet before their solos...WHAT? Their solos are the most important. Why make Kris sing a duet (which shouldnt matter as much) and then trow him right into his solo? I do disagree with the Adam part though...I thought he did wonderfully but I also LOVE that Zep song.

I think Danny was the worst of the night.

All that said...AI may have backfired (hopefully) with what they tried SO hard to do. It may make enough people mad at the set-up that they rag on every year that they just may give them all a dose of their own medicine. It could work if everyone pays enough attention to it all. I even think that's how Adam 'landed' in the bottom 2 last week...set up so that people would call like crazy for him this week.

Andrea said...

OH MY GOSH...if there was ever a doubt that this show was was made CLEAR last night. I mean, really?!?!? It is OBVIOUS they want Kris out. Danny was HORRIBLE. I had to turn my head and close my ears several times when he was just not hitting the note..and that last ... scream...oh man it was bad, yet they were not that harsh on him. What the heck. Kris was on his notes and was true to himself which is what they always want them to do, and they were ugly with him. Allison was good and I normally like Adam, but didn't care too much for it...maybe I just expected more from him than that. But yes, it is very much set up and more obvious than ever who they want. Also, several times I tried to vote for Kris I got "the number you have dialed is not a working number" and saw where others said the same thing on facebook. Hmmmmm.

Kacie said...

In the defense of the producers, I think they pick the theme of the weeks waaaay ahead of time, so that was sort of just chance at this point. But yeah... poor Danny and Kris! Actually, as a Kris fan, I have to say that I'm puzzled why he got more criticism than Danny did, given Danny's last note...