Wednesday, May 20, 2009

This is American Idol - The Finals!

We have finally come to the end! One contestant that had a shoe in all season vs. one contestant who probably was not to even make it past Hollywood!

The guys sing one song from the season, one song chose by Simon Fuller (producer of the show) and the "No Boundaries" song co-written by Kara (these songs are always pretty cheezy...this one did not disappoint on the cheezy-ness).

Kris was in the driver's seat because he won the coin toss and chose to go second. It is only fitting since Adam had been last almost all season!

Round 1 - Song choice from the Season

Adam - "Mad World" - He is so smart...that is the only song all season that he did not do the shreaking and it was my favorite song of his because of that! Well-played...and speaking of "playing" did you hear Adam tell Simon he was "playing dress-up". Oh the theatrics!

Kris - "Ain't No Sunshine" - YES!!! That was his best performace of the season so excellent choice! And he nailed it again...we liked it with the piano! AWESOME job!

Round 2 - Song chosen by the Producer

Adam - "Change is Gonna Come" - Hmmm...a bluesy tune for the rocker...we just weren't totally feelin' him and that song. He sang it very well and it was a change of pace from the theatrical singing. Not sure...the little bit screaming threw it into an "odd" category for me.

Kris - "What's Goin' On" - Perfect song choice for Kris. That is the kind of sound he will be putting out on his album...we know that because he has been consistent all year. Excellent Job!

Round 3 - "No Boundaries"

Adam - This is a big song and fit him because he is a big singer. He was off on several of the notes and for one of the first times this season, I could not understand all the words from him. He did well in that he performed it and looked comfortable.

Kris - He is not a "big song" kinda person and bless his heart, the song was too high for him. He did a great job with what he had in that song. Although...when he picked up the mic stand I felt like he almost lost it. He seemed to realize this was the finale and I was afraid he was thinking about what he was singing and was going to lose it. He didn't and finished fairly strong.

Well the guys left it all out there on the stage and it was left up to America. Adam fans voted for Adam and I'm hoping that Danny's voters jumped on the Kris Allen Bandwagon....we shall see!

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Billie said...

...and I thought a very (for the first time) classy move by Adam at the end when he pointed to Kris and said "for this guy!"

Again...I'm calling an AI 'backfire'. All their crazy attempts will backfire.

Andrea said...

I LOVE-D both of their first 2 songs. I really really liked the 2nd song for Adam. I didn't care for the last song of either of them. The song was dumb and I didn't care for it at all. It seemd to be a difficult one for both of them. At this point, I don't really care who wins. Of course I want Kris to win, but both of them will make it either way and I think it's so cool that they are such good friends!!