Friday, May 15, 2009

God Has Kept Me Here For A Reason

Repeat after me:
"God has kept me here for a reason.
I survived because He has a plan for me.
All my bad relationships, the addictions, the consequences,
the bad credit, the repossessions, the death of my
loved ones, the back stabbing from my friends, the negative thoughts, or
the lack of support; I made it because I am blessed!
I release and let go of all past hurts, misunderstandings and grudges
because I am abundantly blessed! I recognize them as the illusions
they are, and sent from the enemy to kill my spirit, steal my joy, and
destroy my faith; for God is all there is. All else is a lie!"
Now give yourself a hug, wipe your tears away and walk in victory!!!
I love you, but more appropriately God loves you BEST!
Be blessed and know that you are at one with THE SPIRIT OF THE LIVING GOD!