Thursday, May 21, 2009

And the Winner is...

Our Hometown Boy - KRIS ALLEN!!! WHOO HOO!!! WAY TO GO!

I must say that was the greatest Finale Show American Idol has ever done! American Idol will have a very very hard time topping it. It was hilariously funny and had some AWESOME performances!

Congratulations Kris!


Andrea said...

WOOHOO!!!!!!!!! And I agree the show was KICK AWESOME!!! Loved it all!!! I wanna go back and watch it so I can relax and catch

AliciaG said...

So proud of Kris!!! He is and will be an Kick Awesome American Idol. I firmly believe that God will use him mightily in this position.
As for the AI finale show, although I am not a fan of some of the styles of music that were sung, I do have to remember this show is geered more towards the younger generation and they choices of music. However, I did think the producers did a great job of pulling in some oldie but goodie music that brought back sweet memories for those of us who are of the Baby Boomer generation. Great show and Great choice of the New American Idol!