Wednesday, April 22, 2009

American Idol Goes Disco

I was really worried about the theme "Disco" however, it turned out to be a pretty good night on American Idol.

Lil - "I'm Every Woman" - Karaoke AGAIN! The outfit was horrendous - when you got "back" there is nothing good about putting on a catsuit...even in black... was horrible! The attitude that she displays is just not lady-like and we could see several times where she gets it from as her mother (at least I think it was her mother) was mouthy in the audience as well. NEEDS TO GO HOME!

Kris - "She Works Hard for the Money" - I must admit that I was scared when he was talking to Ryan...however, he had his guitar so I felt like it might be cool...OH MY was of the night! I know what the sound of his album will be and even if he wasn't from our town and church...we would still buy the album. Love his style!

Danny - "September" - He can sing anything and last night he was in the funky sing big zone! We liked it! Solid performance!

Allison - "Hot Stuff" - We love her as well...just does a 16-year old really need to be singing these lyrics. Thought it was a good performance...but that outfit! What is up with the stylists...she doesn't have to dress the part of rocker chick...she is the rocker chick without the bad outfits.

Adam - "If I Can't Have You" - Glad we did not have to endure the screaming this week. Thought it was really good...not his best performance...his voice was whiny sounding last night.
Oh Paula...dry up the waterworks!

Matt - "Stayin' Alive" - We discussed how it could be a disaster...lots of words to spit out in this song. I said...well he will do good because he has the cool JT hat on....and I was right. It was a little shaky at first, but I thought it was enough to keep him here this week.

Anoop - "Dim the Lights" - He has a pure voice and I like that. The first part was good then the groove came in and it just did nothing. We did, however, disagree with Simon about it being his worst...Simon...remember a little song called "Beat It" that Anoop sang? This is hopefully the end of the road for Anoop.

Hoping that Lil and Anoop go home!

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Andrea said...

Anoop and Lil need to go. I really wanna just slap the mess outta Lil for her back talk. I mean...STOP IT YOU CAN'T SING! UGH! Anoop..well, let's introduce him to a lil something called EYE BROW WAX! sheesh. Aside from that, I'm over him. I'm over Danny..every song he sings sounds the same. I liked him at first, mostly because he reminded me of Chris, my ex boyfriend, but yeah...I'm over it! Adam...if he was straight and not gothic..would be HOTT! I like to hear his toned down singing. Matt - JT enough said and LOVED me some Kris (minus the pants that were too short..I'm trying to forget that) Allison...can sing the phone book...and I think that's about it! LOVE YOU!!!

The Proctors said...

I have to agree with you. I think it's time for Lil and Anoop to go home. My favs are Adam and Kris. I really hope they are in the the top 2!! They are both different and original. I love reading your recaps each week!!

Billie said...

I have to disagree...I think this WAS one of Adam's best! It was 'whiny' as you say because that is the nature of the song itself. But for the first time I can actually say Kris was the best of the night. I think he saved HIMSELF with that one. wierd to actually say this...Adam is becoming my favorite...creepy, but favorite.

Andrea said...

Billie, I'm with you...I've liked Adam from the start...for whatever reason and I kinda hate that I do...but I find him amazing!

Alison said...

I do not deny the boy can sing and is really good at the theatrics...I just wonder how he would be able to be so many different "characters" on stage in his own concert? I mean it is all about the theatrics for him. It seems it would be hard for him to sing two songs in the same outfit.

Juliet said...

I completely agree with your thoughts on Adam. Yes, he can sing and has a brilliant voice. But as his own artist? I don't know. I have a theatre degree and that boy is definitely perfect for Broadway -- where you play different characters! I just don't think we know, or ever will know, who ADAM really is.

Oh and Lil?? Totally not lady-like! Thank you for saying it!