Wednesday, April 8, 2009

When it could have been so good---AI recap

Well I was looking forward to American Idol seeing that I love the 80's music. However, last night was disappointing. Here are my thoughts:

Danny Gokey - 1980 - “Stand By Me” - I have liked Danny from the beginning and this performance was another solid one in my book. Not a fan of this pair of spectacles. I prefer the funkier colored rims.

Kris Allen - 1985 - “All She Wants To Do Is Dance” - Funky! I would HATE to have to stand on that little stage with all the people so close to me. I will vote for him and buy his CD. This was not his best performance, but I did not think it was as horrible as the judges made it out to be. Every idol is entitled to an "off" night. Good thing for was on a night where there were so many worse performances. Love Kris...he is from our praise band at church! And his mom and I work at the same company.

Lil Rounds - 1984 - “What’s Love Got To Do With It” - Well I'm glad we cleared up the confusion of her name. My words were "I think she is just a good church singer". She has not impressed me yet. I am totally done with Lil. If she truly was taking the judges advice then the critique would not be the same each week...AND we would not have to hear her canned response of "I promise to...blah, blah, blah"

Anoop Desai - 1986 - “True Colors” - WOW!! That sweater was lime green! Much better performance than last week...but his performances are like a yo-yo. He has a beautiful voice, but I doubt I would be buying an album of his.

Scott McIntyre - 1985 - “The Search Is Over” - Not impressed AGAIN! There really was no point in the guitar because I think he played/strummed it about 5 times. Every week I say STOP TALKING BACK to the judges! Interesting that he said this was his "punk side".

Allison Iraheta - 1992 - “I Can’t Make You Love Me” - This girl is AMAZING! Every week it is hard to believe she is 16 years old. She is one of my favs from the beginning! 2nd best performance of the night in my book!

Matt Giraud - 1985 - “Part-Time Lover” - ROCKED IT OUT! Da bomb..."blew it out da box" (sorry last night we were all channeling our inner-Randy). Love the hat, loved the vocals, loved the dancing...loved MATT!

Adam Lambert - 1982 "Mad World" - And since we were watching live, we got to see his performance. I personally am not a fan of Adam. I get so tired of having to listen and watch him think he is Steven Tyler (the tongue and screeching). Now I love me some Aerosmith, but Adam is just not there yet. Usually he is so over-the-top on the performance and the screeching vocals that I can't stand it. Except to say that this guy has never missed a note...EVER (until one of the last ones last night). In fact several of us heard it and commented. He did really good last night and I loved the fact he didn't go into his Steven Tyler impersonation. It was a pure solid performance.

Top three last night for me - Matt, Allison and Adam
Middle - Danny and Kris
Bottom - Scott, Lil and Anoop

I think it is time for Scott to go home only because he is just not in the league of the others. However, Lil could go home because she is not improving at all.

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The Proctors said...

I am so glad that you did a recap!! I didn't get to watch it so I've been wondering how everyone did!! I have to agree with you...I think it's time for Scott to go home.

Billie said...

I was so very disappointed in Kris. The only thing that will save him will be the fact that so many others we so crappy. Matt is still my #1, but I have to say...Adam was probably the BEST of the night!

Andrea said...

Well, hello my sister!!! I didn't know you were doing a recap until I found you on BooMama's page and was like OMG..thats my sister! WOOHOO. For whatever reason, I felt a lil famous. Anywho..Kris was not on his A game last night..but I think he's still safe..mostly because my daughter voted for him a zillion times. Scott isn't the best but my heart melts for him because he's so humble it seems. Allison ROCKS!! I would buy her and Kris' CD! LOVE YOU!

bub said...

I'm thinkin' Lil Rounds has got to go. With Scott a close 2nd. I voted for Allison. Was she the best? I thought Matt was the best last night. I vote for Allison because I think Simon is right, people don't love her for whatever reason. I agree about Adam, when he's not screeching he's really, really good. I'm not a big Danny fan. Anoop did a great job last night as well. Glad I found your blog, take care!

Smoochiefrog said...

You're right, Lil just isn't improving. I had hopes for her at the first, but not anymore.