Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I am My Own Colorist

This picture was taken while I was being the subject along with the dogwood tree behind me for my friend practicing with a camera she is looking to get for her birthday. It is the only picture I have of the new hair color I am sporting this spring. She did a good job on the picture!

If I had known I would have gotten a good picture out of this, I would have put on some lipstick!

And my favorite trees in the spring is the dogwood tree. Here are some pictures of the dogwood tree out behind our building at work.


Billie said...

thank you...thank you...i'll autograph one for you to hang on your wall. No...seriously...I'm loving that cameral already and don't even own it yet!

when I get it, we can do it again with lipstick!

Andrea said...

LOVING the hair! and the pics are great Billie...when you get that camera...I might have you take some "professional" pictures of me and Camryn! ;)

Billie said...

I will! I need all the 'guineas' i can work with!