Sunday, April 19, 2009

Happy Sweet 16 Zak!

14 years ago I met this little guy (my future nephew). That summer I was the "nanny" for him and his 4 year old sister. Zak and I formed a special bond that continues on today. You see, I watched them 5 days a week through the summer, however, Kristi went to Mothers Day Out 2 days a week and Zak only went one day. So I was with him 4 days a week and on our two days that it was just us most of the day...we played, watched Barney movies, went shopping and just had so much fun! These pictures were taken when I took the kids to my house. Look at that face! So precious!

Today that cute little boy turns 16 and I feel like...well, I feel old! This precious little blond boy is now 6 foot 5 inches tall. The thing that melts my heart is he still just gives the best hugs. He has never been "too cool" to give hugs and love on his family. He has a tender heart that is rare in 16 year old boys. And I must say that though the blond hair is no more I still think he is pretty cute! Happy Sweet 16 "favorite" nephew!


AliciaG said...

And such a handsome young man too!

Zak's mom said...

Precious then and still so. A big brother for Grayson to definately look up to in more ways than one (that 6'5" frame). My how Grayson looks like his big brother!