Wednesday, April 15, 2009

American Idol Recap - Off to the Movies

Soundtracks from the "Big Screen"...who else is more "qualified" to be a guest mentor than Quentin Tarantino! (insert sarcasm) I'm not a fan! The only thing I can say is that he actually gives them feedback instead of saying "that sounds great".

You know we could really do without all the introductions and the talking that accompanies the introductions of the judges. Seems like if they are going to make the show 1 hour long then they could cut out some of the filler. I mean it was 7:15 and we had only heard one singer. Then we had to commercial break after each singer from about Matt on. Once again they ran over, but really what was left to see is the one thing I hate on AI..."the talking back" from the contestants and the recap.

I must say I was mostly underwhelmed last night. Randy Jackson cracks me up with his wording and since Ryan was channeling his inner-Randy last night I think I will too!

Allison - "Don't Want to Miss A Thing" - Seemed too low for her and I felt like she changed up the melody a little too much. She has been my favorite female this whole time. She has such a voice and control for someone that young. It was "just a'ight for me for her".

Anoop - "Everything I Do" - Go boy! That was probably his best performance so far. He was controlled and didn't loose focus when the crowd started clapping. His voice was beautiful of my two favorites for this show! "For me for him" was great!

Adam - "Born to be Wild" - that about sums it up for me...wild and erratic. Seemed like he was trying a little to hard. To use one of Simon's words for contestants "precocious". The headbanging and jumping around really messed up his usual spot on vocal. "For me for him"...not his best.

Matt - "Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman" - His confidence in himself seems to be waning. I mean last week was EXCELLENT and three weeks ago was SUPERB, but it is the in between weeks that are not helping him. I felt bad for him cause it sounded like his voice was strained and tired when he crack going into his higher register. I still want him to do well! "I got mad love for Matt...but for me for him...just a'ight"

Danny - "Endless Love" - I totally disagree with Simon. I loved that he sang the 'original' version. It was so heartfelt and my comment last night was "Oh I LOVE when he sings from his heart". This performance was my favorite from last night! However, I missed the glasses! "For me for was hott"

Kris - "Falling Slowly" - I had never heard this song. I have heard of the movie either. I love to hear Kris sing. I think my problem was that because I didn't know the song it was hard to get into it. His voice is pure and his upper register tonight was very good. "For me for him...strange song choice, but sang it really well"

Lil - "The Rose" - My feelings are the same as last week...I think she needs to go home. She is not getting better or taking the judges advice. Oh the talking back!! She was really fired up with her comments to Simon and that kind of attitude will not take you far. "For me for her...stop talking back...not good, not good"

Even with only two judges commenting they ran over 3 minutes. Like I said, get rid of some of the filler/fluff at the beginning and we will have more time. I just don't think it should take 10-12 minutes before the first contestant sings.
Once again, I was not impressed this week. I'm not sure what next week holds, but I hope it will be better.

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Billie said...

Ok...2 weeks talking like funny coming from you :-)

I honestly didn't like anyone. Seriously. I mean, some were better than others, but all around...train wreck.

However, I do agree with the talking back. I mean, that alone should get someone kicked off. I think She and Anoop have way too cocky of an attitude and it's going to bite them!

AND...someone should smack Paula for telling Lil that "it's ok to speak up for what you believe in".

Smoochiefrog said...

They seriously need to stop trying to talk back to the judges. It is so not their place.

Andrea said...

THe talking back just grades on my nerves. I wanna say..."uhh, really? Who are you? You're having to try out to make it and these people have ALREADY MADE IT SO SHUT YOUR PIE HOLE!" Oh, sorry, got a lil excited there for a minute! Wasnt too excited about any of them last night!